Cargo is a device with IPX 5 water protection rating is protected against small water jets. IPX is an official rating that is carried out by testing with a third party.

Cargo is completely sweat proof and there is no problem to wear them for exercise.

However, for IPX 5, there is no guarantee full operation after activities like swimming or showering with them, if the earphones are damaged in these cases, it is not covered by warranty.


CARGO 配有 IPX5 防水功能,能夠防止低壓水柱入侵,並通過防汗測試,您可以安心地於運動時配戴。
*注意: IPX 5 的測試項目並沒有包含防水柱噴射,若您的耳機在下水游泳或淋浴的情況下損壞,並不包含在保固範圍內。