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How to turn on my earbuds and pair the Bluetooth?

There are 2 ways to turn on and pair the Bluetooth:

Manual: Hold MFB both buttons around 2 seconds until hearing a sound, “Power on”.

L & R earbuds will connect automatically and hear a sound “Left Channel”, “Right Channel” respectively. Then search the name of the earbuds and pair. When it is successfully paired, you can hear a sound, “Connected”. 

Auto: Pick up the earbuds from charging case and it is automatically on and paired. Please note that for the auto pairing, you need to pair it once before.

Can’t pair / Only hear audio from one side of my earphones?

Before watching this tutorial, please make sure your earbuds are fully charged!

Please view tutorial:


Beans Pro

Try Manual Pairing!

  1. Turn off the earphones
  2. Hold the MFB of both earphones for 10-15 secs until 2 indication sound be heard
  3. Turn off the earphones and turn on the earphones again
  4. L and R earphones are paired and enter pairing mode with mobile devices
How to charge my earbuds?

Insert your earbuds into the charging case for charging.

  • Earbuds and charging case LED light on = Charging
  • Earbuds and charging case LED light off = Fully charged


If the charging case is lack of power, connect charging case to your computer or a power supply via a micro USB cable for charging. 

  • White LED flashing light = Charging
  • White LED solid light= Fully charged


For Beans Pro, you can place the Beans Pro charging case on a wireless charger for charging!

What do the flashing and solid LED lights indicate?

There are two possible explanations for this:

  1. Pairing –

When your earphones are on pairing mode, the blue and white LED flash alternatively

  1. Charging –
  • Charging the earbuds > Earbuds light on & charging case blue LED light on
  • Earbuds are fully charged> Earbuds light off & charging case blue LED light off
  • Charging the charging case> White LED flashing light
  • Charging case is fully charged > White LED solid light
How do I turn off my earbuds?

There are 3 ways to turn off

  1. Put the earbuds into the case, or
  2. Hold either button for 4 seconds, or
  3. Idle the earbuds for 10 mins
Where can I try the earphones?

All the retail shops allow customers to test earphones before buying. Ask the shop sales advisors for assisting.

Find the nearest store:  Where To Buy

Can I buy the missing earphone and charging case?

Sorry, you can only buy the whole set of earphones if you have missed the earphone or charging case. Please contact the local agent for further enquiries.

How much for the maintenance fee or checking fee?

Only mobile cables are covered by 5 years factory warranty.

All earphones of thecoopidea is covered by a 12-month factory warranty. Defects due to misuse, lack of care, mishandling, abuse and general wear-and-tear is not covered by the factory warranty. You can contact the local agent or retail shops for further enquiries.

Can I buy the earphones or different products in my country?

Find your countries below!

Where To Buy

* Please note that delivery fees may apply for each country.

Beans FAQ

How to pair and connect to Bluetooth Phone?
  1. Hold L and R MFB for 4 secs to turn on “Beans”
  2. The 2 sides will pair up by themselves. Audio cue: “Connected”, “Left Channel”,”Right Channel” respectively
  3. In 10 secs, Beep (on the left) Audio cup “Pairing”. LEDs: will flash white and blue alternatively. R will flash every 5 secs
  4. Turn on Bluetooth on phone search for CP-TW01
  5. Audio cue: “Pairing Successful”
How to turn off?
  1. Place Beans into charging case
  2. Blue light (on earphones) white light (on charge case)
How to charge your earphones?
  1. Place Beans into charging case
  2. Blue light (on earphones) white light (on charge case)
How to charge the case?
  1. Flashing white light = out of battery life
  2. Flashing blue light = charging the case
  3. 3 hrs fully charged, turn blue